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I admit I wandered down the rabbit hole on deplatforming free speech with three articles, all with different viewpoints. And then a piece on vaccinations, it is not about central control as much as centralized communication.
We, humans, have difficulty understanding the very small and the very large, but scale plays an increasingly important role in our lives - think Amazon or Twitter. What if we taught about scale in school? Are we becoming more or less violent? An update on COVID-19's origin story - a cautionary tale? What does the Federal Trade Commission have to do with the problems at the Capital?
If you're like most men, a vasectomy is probably quite far down on your list of hobbies. But, thanks to a less invasive method that came from China, the operation can be performed in a painless half-hour. New York urologist Dr. David Kaufman explains.
Cultured meat, not meat raised listening to Mozart, meat raised in a petri-dish or bioreactor, the emotional connotation of words like privilege, cybersecurity is this generations' asymmetric warfare, and while waiting to be vaccinated, take a moment for delight.
Can there be winners as well as losers as our climate changes? The truth about science. Is our ability to read some type of repurposed evolutionary skill?
Though we spent about nine months of the year focused almost exclusively on COVID, we did find time to debunk pseudoscientific nonsense. Here are the top 10 junk science and bogus health claims we debunked in 2020.
Human factors in North Pole efficiency, the cost-effectiveness of Christmas, would we see evolution differently if Darwin played Go, our friends the T-cell, and why it is difficult to separate economics from the form of government we choose.
The rainbow that hung over Scotland’s Kingdom of Fife for a half-hour yesterday stunned me.
Even in the time of COVID-19, antibiotic resistance remains a problem. Is it a particle or a wave? - turns out it may be neither. Zombies get all the press, but are vampires the real problem? Theory or practice? Finally, more on the science of gift-giving.
The war against the "infodemic" ... why are we drawn to conspiracy ... what if we could save ourselves from climate change -- but had to use GMOs ... doodles from a lockdown ... and in the seasonal spirit, the economy that is Christmas Trees.
Do you want to detox your body? If so, perhaps you'll want to try the Pure(TM)?Detox Foot Bath. Its maker claims that for a mere 130 bucks you can purge your body of toxins that come out (through your feet) looking suspiciously like a super-sized portion of diarrhea. Can this possibly be true? Keep reading.
The transformation of Hong Kong, less illuminated scientific pioneers, the many social distance circles, can you believe your lying eyes, and a mysterious ether holding the universe together - scientists call it dark matter.